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“Be Well & Smell Great!”

Do you have a lot of stress in your life?

Do you get easily worn down and tend to “catch” whatever bug is going around?

Do you know you need more balance in your life but you are not sure how to get it?

Chronic stress is considered by many medical researchers to be the underlying cause of around 80% of serious illness.

Stress can also reduce your immune system’s ability to ward off everyday bugs and exhaustion.

Just spending more time in a truly relaxed state can help your body regain its natural resilience so you can get and stay well.

Sounds easy enough: Just take better care of yourself so that you can have the energy you need to continue to sustain your awesomeness in the world. No problem, right?

But how easy does it feel to really do that once the day’s obligations start to knock upon your door?

And what does it look like to have a plan you can follow to help you regularly take care of yourself – especially during those times when your schedule really heats up?

Despite your good intentions to (of course!) make regular time to relax and reset… when is the last time you actually did something deeply relaxing?

…on a regular basis?

…once a month?


Are you truly ready to value yourself?

Are you ready to increase your well-being and resiliency so that you can better handle the everyday stresses of your busy life?

Studies have shown that just 20-minutes of deep relaxation twice a day can lower cortisol levels in the bloodstream by 50%. (Cortisol is one of the body’s primary hormones associated with the state of being stressed.)

Not only that, but it will also help KEEP it down for that ENTIRE 24-hour period!

Well, THAT’S sure worth including into your day, huh?! But… how?!

Reiki can help!

Re-balancing yourself can be as easy as adding Reiki into your life! Or aromatherapy. Or both!

Reiki is a light-hands on relaxation and meditative tool that can help you balance, refresh and rejuvenate your life!

Aromatherapy (aromatic plant essential oils) can help instantly calm and refresh the mind, body, and spirit. Plus, they smell fabulous! And who doesn’t feel more optimistic and smiley when they just smelled yummy lemon or orange? Who doesn’t perk up with peppermint? or feel the “ahhhh!” of smelling lavender?

Even better combined, Reiki and aromatherapy can be a blissful respite from stress! You will feel like you have been on a vacation far away from it all!

In addition to providing these relaxing sessions for others for the past 15 years, I have also taught many people how to give themselves Reiki sessions so THEY can take their wellness into their OWN hands!

Remember that just 20-minutes of deep relaxation twice a day can help LOWER STRESS hormones by HALF and KEEP them down for the WHOLE DAY! And stress hormones help your body age faster. We want to lower our level of stress hormones!

You can do it! I can help show you how 20-minutes of self-Reiki as you wake will help you start your day calm and centered; 20-minutes of self-Reiki as you go to bed will help you have your best sleep every night!

AND your stress hormones will be reduced – all day long!

(The better sleep will also help you handle stress, too.)


Looking for an even deeper experience of relaxation to support you?

Have sessions with me!

A 60-minute session of Reiki or customized Aroma-Reiki can push the reset button on your stresses!

Regular sessions can help you stay refreshed and ready to dance through your life!

To support you in taking better care of yourself, when you invest in regular wellness sessions with me, I will reward your health commitment with package-deals for pre-paid bundles… and every 6th full fee session is on me!

Contact me now to schedule an appointment, register for a class or workshop, or buy some essential oils to help you ROCK your awesome self!
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