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Hello! I am Terrie Look, founder and sole proprietor of Spiral Pathways Holistic Health & Learning, LLC.

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Here’s Why:

Do you:

…have a lot of stress in your life?

…get easily worn down and tend to “catch” whatever bug is going around?

…know you need more balance in your life but you are not sure how to get it?

Chronic stress is considered by many medical researchers to be the underlying cause of at least 80% of serious illness.

Stress can also reduce your immune system’s ability to ward off everyday bugs and exhaustion.

Just spending more time in a truly relaxed state can help your body regain its natural resilience so you can get and stay well.

Studies have shown that just 20-minutes of deep relaxation twice a day can lower cortisol levels in the bloodstream by 50%. (Cortisol is one of the body’s primary hormones associated with the state of being stressed.)

Not only that, but it will also help KEEP it down for that ENTIRE 24-hour period!

Well, THAT’S sure worth including into your day, huh?! But… how?!

♥  I can help!  ♥

Re-balancing yourself can be as easy as adding Reiki and aromatherapy into your life!

Reiki is a light-hands on relaxation and meditative tool that can help you balance, refresh and rejuvenate your life!

Aromatherapy (aromatic plant essential oils) can help instantly calm and refresh the mind, body, and spirit. Plus, they smell fabulous! And who doesn’t feel more optimistic and smiley when they just smelled yummy orange? Who doesn’t perk up with peppermint or sunny lemon? Or feel the relaxing “ahhhh!” of true lavender or jasmine?

Reiki and aromatherapy can each be a blissful respite from stress – and they are even better combined!

Have an Aroma-Reiki session with me and you will feel like you have been on a vacation far away from all of your stresses!

A 60-minute session of Reiki or customized Aroma-Reiki can push the reset button on your stresses!

MORE! You can also release long-held stresses through sessions with me of:

* Biofield Tuning – a health-support tuning fork technique developed by researcher/practitioner/author Eileen McKusick (see more info here);

* Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping): Incorporate guided Tapping into a session or come learn how to do this surprisingly-EASY yet transformative process yourself to help you dislodge subconscious blocks of non-beneficial patterns that may be creating sluggishness or wreaking havoc in your life.  (Learn more about EFT here.)

Regular wellness sessions with Spiral Pathways can help you stay refreshed and ready to dance through your life!

To support you in taking better care of yourself, when you invest in regular wellness sessions with me, I will reward your health commitment: every 6th session is on me! More discounts and packages available. See the Fees page!

Take your wellness into your OWN hands!
Learn Reiki from me!
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In addition to providing these profoundly relaxing Aroma-Reiki  sessions for others for the past 15 years, I also teach people how to give themselves Reiki sessions so they can take their wellness into their own hands!

You can bring relaxation into your home! Buy essential oils from me!

I sell top-grade essential oils, and I can teach you how to use these amazing oils to clean your home and support your wellness – naturally! 

For an abundance of great information on essential oils:

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Vermont Student Assistance Corporation

Get your Reiki classes & books FOR FREE?? How??

Spiral Pathways is an approved school for VSAC’s Vermont Non-Degree grant for Vermont residents enrolled in a non-degree course or program who meet eligibility requirements.

See Fees page and ASK ME for more information! I can walk you through the process to speed your application processing.

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